The Catholic University of America

Dr. Shavan Wall

Department of Education; Academic Planning

  • Where you are from – originally Long Island, New York
  • Educational background – CUA undergraduate in Psychology; PhD from Columbia University in Educational and School Psychology
  • Your discipline/research and accomplishments – Research interests in young children at risk for disabilities from low-income families. Accomplishments: (1) founding member of the National Early Head Start Research Consortium, through which I have conducted longitudinal research and led a work group focused on children with disabilities for the last 14 years. Related publications and federal grants. (2) administered training grants for the last 9 years from the U.S. Department of Education to prepare paraeducators to better serve children with disabilities in D. C. (3) served CUA in administrative posts, most recently co-chairing the Middle States reaccreditation.
  • Mentors/Role models who encouraged you – The late Dr. Nancy Taylor was successful in obtaining grants herself and encouraged my research and applications for grants greatly. NCSSS faculty were also important collaborators.
  • What do you do for fun in leisure time? Participate in a book club. Call family & friends.