The Catholic University of America

Teresa Walsh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Where you are from?

I was born at Providence Hospital, Washington DC.  I am a living native Washingtonian.  My family is from Northwestern Pennsylvania, in a small farming town called Lucinda.

What is your educational background?

I received my BSN from Catholic University in 1981.  BEE from CUA in 1986. MEE from CUA in 1988.  PhD from CUA in 2005.  It appears that I like CUA.

What is your discipline/research area and set of accomplishments?

With the mix of Engineering and Nursing, a focus for me is cardiovascular research.  I also enjoy working in the hospital, and serving the poor.  Being a former Director of Nursing, I enjoy doing research on Quality Outcomes in the acute care setting.

What were obstacles to overcome along the way?

One obstacle to completing some of my education occurred when I was enrolled in the BEE program.  During my senior year, I was hit by an automobile while riding my bicycle to work at the hospital on Christmas Eve.  A memory that serves me well is my father sitting in the front seat of the ambulance and instructing the crew on their driving techniques.  As my education continued, my parents aged.  I am an only child and I lived with my parents until they died.  The most difficult thing that I have ever done, or will ever do was to take care of my aging parents. Because of their illness, it took me an extended time to complete my doctorate.  After they moved onto God and heaven, I completed the thesis.  First things first.  I never saw any of it as an obstacle; I saw it as what life is all about and a test of perseverance and values.

Who were your mentors or role models along the way?

On a personal level, my parents were my role models.  My mother was an accomplished academic nurse, Mrs. Mary Blackburn Walsh, author of the book – The Nursing Process – first published on CUA press.  My father was a humorous, yet very compassionate, mortician.  They are a splendid, loving couple.  On a professional level, Dr. George McDuffie and Dr. Robert Meister, both CUA Engineering faculty were a huge source of inspiration to me.  Dr. McDuffie (former Dean) and Dr. Meister (former chairperson of EE) taught me the joy in the exactness of science and inspired me to tap the left side of my brain.  It worked.

What do you do in your leisure time?

What leisure time?  I ride my bicycle to work. That is, when it does not snow. There is basketball too.  The summers are for travel…lots of travel…..?